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How to Check if iPhone was Blacklisted by AT&T / Verizon / T-Mobile / Sprint USA

Many people don’t even know that they are purchasing iPhone blacklisted by such USA networks like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and others. How to check blacklisted status before buying secondhand iPhone? It is very important because if iPhone is blocked by the network it just won’t accept SIM card. There can be a few reasons of blacklisted status:

  • Reported as stolen
  • Reported as lost
  • Blocked by the carrier because of unpaid bills
  • Blocked by the carrier for any other reason specified in the contract

Unfortunately there are no services that can unblock iPhone locked to US networks. But there is a blacklisted status checker which you can use to check iPhone from USA. CheckMEND is the world’s largest source of used electronics information. If you’re intending to buy or sell used electricals then you need to use CheckMEND. You can check the background history of any used electrical including iPhone, iPad’s and much much more. You will get a reply as a code under this service. Also you can enter the code going to checkmend official site ( to download your report.

Such code will be your Certificate ID (4-C83B7A42B57-43:0DB94C8F):

Blocked: 4-C83B7A42B57-43:0DB94C8F

When you purchase this service you will receive results shortly. These results will be depending on the status of your device. If your iPhone will be blacklisted in USA you will see these results: In case iPhone is clean, not reported as lost or stolen you will get these results:   Provide IMEI number and email to place an order. There are several different ways to find IMEI:

  1. Open Phone app and type *#06# and you will see iPhone IMEI on the screen.
  2. Open Setting – General – About and you will see it in the list.

It is important to provide correct IMEI because there will be no results and you never find out the carrier. It is easy and fast to place an order. Just provide your IMEI number and email. The complete results will be delivered to you. 1. Fill in the order form with required information like IMEI and email. 2. Click Buy Now button and process the payment on PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal account choose the option “I don’t have PayPal account” when you will be redirected to PayPal. 3. After the payment your request will be automatically send to the Apple server. In this case it can’t be canceled and refunded. 4. After the payment just do your things and wait for the good news. 5. You will receive email after request will be completed. 6. If you don’t see email in your inbox folder, check spam/junk folder or contact us. Our support team will be always glad to help you.

Also read important note below to everything right:

  • This iPhone checker is for Blacklist IMEI in US. Before placing an order make sure that your iPhone is blocked by one of US networks as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and others.
  • The iPhone has to be activated otherwise checker results will fail.
  • Read carefully our Terms and Services before making an order.

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